"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Saturday, January 7, 2012

In the hospital!

This photo is from July 2011 when Elder Smith was in the hospital for stomach pains. Now Pneumonia!....Good thing he will be home in 5 1/2 weeks because this Mom can't take much more of this!
Emails received from Sister Watts (the mission president's wife). She is just the best to keep me informed and for loving her missionaries like her own. I'm so very thankful for her!!

6:34 am Friday January 6, 2012
Good Morning Leslie,
I just wanted to let you know that last week when I saw Elder Smith he said that he had had a cough and cold symptoms for about 2 weeks. I told him that if he was not feeling better by Friday that I wanted him to make an appointment and go see the Doctor. We have an excellent Doctor in Peten. He was obedient and made an appointment to see her on Monday. He has bronchitis and so is taking the medication necessary to get better. I will call him this morning to make sure that he is doing better. I just thought that you would like to know - not to worry you but to let you know that he is doing OK.

2:32 pm
I have been trying to reach Elder Smith for the last couple of days just to check on him but have been unable to reach him. Now I know why.
I could not reach him on his phone and so I finally called the Z Leaders to see if they knew what was happening with him and found out that the Dr. and nurses in Peten put him in the hospital on Wednesday because he has pneumonia. I am sorry to tell you this in an e-mail - please forgive me. However, I did get him on a phone - he has borrowed the phone of a member - and I was able to talk with him. He is doing fine and is expected to be released today a 5:00. He has been on an IV and is receiving antibiotics. His new companion, Elder Asdel, has been with him. Yesterday the ZLs went to see him and said he looks great, but that the Dr. wants to be sure that he is well on his way to recovery before he is released. I am going to call him again at 4:00 this afternoon to make sure that he is well and is going to be released. I will send you another note back as soon as I finish talking with him OK?
I am sorry Leslie, but I really do believe that he is doing well. I will threaten him to tell me the truth AND I will also talk with his companion. Please try not to worry. We can be on a plane and in Peten first thing in the morning if we need to, but I do feel that everything is OK.
I will get another note to you within the hour.
Love you, Lorie

4:22 pm
Ok Leslie, I just got off the phone with Elder Smith and he is doing well and is home. They have plenty of food and water and he is loaded up with all of the medicine that he needs. He is going to be resting for the next little while. I also talked with Elder Asdel, his companion, and he said that Elder Smith is taking his medicine and being obedient. I told Elder Adel that he was the boss of Elder Smith for the next few days and to make sure that he eats, that he continues to rest and take the medication. Elder Smith sounds great though. I did get after him just a little about not letting me know that he was in the hospital, but no one can be too cross with him for very long....
Everything is well now, please do not worry. We will stay in touch and let you know if there is anything else that comes up OK? He will be writing you this Monday. It is sunny and warm in Peten...
Love you, Lorie


  1. Leslie,

    I will keep Elder Smith in my prayers. He sure has had such an experience in Guatemala...close up and personal with the health care system there. It makes me wonder what the Lord has in store for him in his future. You can just tell what a great guy he is. Always smiling and making the best of things. I am sure there is a plan to turn all of his experience into something that will benefit others. I know things in our lives do not happen just by chance.

    I can not believe that he will be home that soon.

    Just know we will pray for his health and safety until he returns home to you.

    Carol Anne Welch

  2. Such a bummer this happened so close to the end of his mission, he is in our prayers and fasting today.

  3. I'm so glad to hear he is doing better and out of the hospital. We put his name on the prayer roll at the temple yesterday.