"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A visit from Grandma

The following is an email that Jordan's Grandma Angie sent home from her visit to Guatemala and her subsequent visit to Jordan's ward last Sunday June 20, 2010. He had no idea she was down there and completely suprised when she showed up at church!

"Today we (Magda and I) went to Jordan's ward! As we were getting out of the taxi, getting his package from the trunk, he and his companion came from behind. I didn't see him at first but Magda did. He saw us and put his finger to his mouth to tell Magda not to say anything. He came up behind me and said, "GRANDMA!?" He was smiling he looked very good, very handsome, a little dark but he's just fine.  I asked him "Como estas?" and he said, "muy bien!" He was talking A LOT of Spanish and he hardly had any accent!  I took some pictures of him with the Other Elder Smith, then members started coming to Church. He was talking to them very nice, very polite, smiling all the time. When we got inside the chapel, he introduced me to a cute little viejita (old lady), and she said "usted es la abuelita de Smith!! yo lo quiero mucho, El es un amor" (You are the grandma of Elder Smith? O I love him so much! He is a love (or a dear--doesn't translate that well into english). I told her, "Por favor se lo recomiendo.../'  (Please, I leave him in your care) and then she said" no se preoucpe hermana, que si no se porta bien, yo le doy chicote" chicote means belt." (Don't worry Sister, if he does't behave, I will whip him with my belt!)  (Guatemalans are jokesters and a perfect fit for Jordan's personality!)

When I first saw Jordan I asked him "Como esta tu Espanol?" and he said: "Mejorando" (getting better.) I asked him if he needed anything, he said "No, I'm just fine." I gave him his package, because he lives very close from the chapel, besides he said there is no danger at all during the daytime........The chapel is in 14 avenida, and they live in 13 Avenida, and three blocks above.

Sister Cifuentes was there with her family and she told me that Jordan  and his new companion don't go to her house anymore like they used to and she misses him. I asked Jordan about it and he told me that President Torres told them that they are allowed to eat at the members houses only twice a MONTH!! Very sad, but rules are rules and they have to be obedient.

Elder Escamilla  (Jordan's trainer) was there and when they saw each other, se abrazaron bien fuerte. (They hugged each other tightly)

I couldn't sit next to him because he sat next to his Investigators during sacrament. Yesterday he got to baptize a little boy, so today he got the gift of the Holly Ghost. Jordan and his companion were asked to stand in the circle. Afterwards, the little boy sat next to Jordan and they talked and talked together the whole time!! Since they sat behind me and I could listen and man, Jordan is doing so good with the language. When we sang the hymns, he sang really loud with perfect Spanish!! I'm so proud of him.

Right after sacrament we went outside for a few minutes and took some more photos. He took some with his camera too and told a few of the members (or maybe they were investigators?) that he wanted them in the picture with him too.  He really has a love for the people and they feel the same love back for him!  During Sunday School, they sat behind me, and the teacher asked everyone to take turns to read the Scriptures. I was so surprised to hear how good Jordan can read Spanish!! Especially the scriptures because they are hard.

He was happy for his new umbrella, because he said that the first one broke, be bought another one and it broke too. He had one today at church but it was not his.. so he said, "Yeahh I have a new umbrella!!"

It was so much fun to be with him, for a few minutes, and to see that everyone loves him so much.

I told him that I wanted to invite them out to Lunch on his P day, but he said that they have an activity they have to attend to, then they have lunch, and then they use Internet, and besides it was against the rules. Oh well, I put in an envelope, his stamps plus some money for lunch.

So don't worry our missionary is doing excellent!!"


  1. Awesome Letter!
    What a comfort to know he is well, happy and about the business of being an awesome missionary.

  2. I'm sure not many missionaries get to have a visit from neat! It was fun to read Her perspective. Sounds like Jordan is doing awesome!!!