"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Monday, June 28, 2010

So it shall go great!

Jordan with his second baptism, but the first person he got to physically baptize. This sweet 9 year old boy named Yefry. June 12, 2010.
Yes this whole change has gone by crazy fast I can’t even believe it! It’s probably because we worked so hard and had a lot of success! Knowing that there is only one more week of the change just blows my mind! I wonder what will happen? I hope we have success this week too, because it’s baggy week, or in other words, lazy week. Ha, but not with us!! So it shall go great! I would really love to go see a new area. But we will see this Saturday night if I get a call about having a change!!

Elder Bronson wrote home about being excited to go on splits with “his good friend Elder Smith.” How did that go? Ha it went really well. I knew a lot more Spanish than I thought I did. And it wasn’t too bad for the understanding part. Hooray!!
With permission from Elder Bronson’s mom, here is what he had to say about it: “Well divisions with Elder Smith were fantastic! Not to complain about my companion; but it was a totally different experience for many good reasons. Honestly it felt more like a sleep over with a best friend than missionary work but we pulled it off very well. Well as for the work with us two the difference was real and was big. Unlike when I am with my companion, I felt the spirit testify of our words and I felt it so strong it gave me a desire for the work I was incredibly disappointed when night came. I WANTED to contact I WANTED to teach instead of having to constantly remotivate myself after everything. Our time was cut short too because earlier that day we had interviews with the President that lasted forever, and the next morning was taken up by district meeting so our time was just that one night...and was completely INCREDIBLE I was very disappointed to have to work with my actual companion after that I was feeling a little down and didn’t talk nearly as much, his approach is so different it just doesn’t work for me.”

How crazy is the World Cup down there?
Its nuts. Especially on the weekends. People just say they are busy, but we can hear the buzz from the TV that it’s the World Cup that makes them busy. But it really isn’t too bad. Cuz other people realize that God is much more important. So they have turned it off and listened to us.

OK so a little about the investigators....
Familia Pacheco. Estuardo and Elena. They are so great. And MARRIED!!! Yippee!!! They are doing so great, they just need to come to church and then they can be baptized. 3 more weeks, starting on Sunday, if they come. Cross your fingers, and PRAY!

We contacted this lady named Cecilia Montenegro this week. She is fairly old, maybe 65. But she seemed like she wasn’t interested. We were about to move on but I felt I needed to push on with the contact. She then let us in! We taught her and her daughter and her daughter’s husband the Restoration. The spirit was so strong and we committed them to pray about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God. We stopped by yesterday to see if they had prayed. We only talked to Cecilia at the door and she said she felt some type of sensation in her chest. So SWEET! I love it when investigators have the faith and a sincere heart, and real intent to be able to receive answers to their prayers. We are going back today to teach them about the Book of Mormon.

We found a lawyer that can do marriages for cheap. So that will help us with a lot of our other investigators. So that’s pretty exciting! There should be quite a few baptisms coming out of this area soon!

We also taught this catholic family. When I say catholic, I mean CATHOLIC. It was really hard, and the wife and son were really defensive and competitive with their beliefs and things. But the man, at first he was really hard too. But I know the spirit touched that man’s heart. I hope one day that family will realize the truth that we brought them so that they might be able to have the complete truth instead of just part of it.

I can’t believe that Jake is driving, blows my mind away!!
I better get pictures from the 4th of July!!! Aaaah!!! The first one away from home. Crazy! (The 4th is Jordan’s most favorite holiday of the year by far!)
SARAH!!! WHEEE! Huge congrats to her!! One more cousin to add to the list!

We have felt so many blessings in our lives lately it’s just amazing! I’m so grateful for all of your prayers. I love you guys so much!! Thanks for everything you have done for me and are still doing for me.

Yo sé que a traves este Evangelio podemos recibir más bendiciones que jamás hemos visto en nuestras vidas y que hay un profeta vivo en la tierra hoy que habla con Dios y recibe revelaciones por todos de nosotros. Estoy agradecido por la oportunidad que tengo yo para ser un misionero del nuestro Señor Jesucristo, y que puedo llevar este mensaje a los corazones de las personas acá por medio del Espíritu Santo. Gracias por todas las cosas que me han hecho. Les amo.
Hope I didn’t make too many mistakes with my Spanish. Its harder to write than to say...
Stay Strong
Keep the Faith
Love Elder Jordan Smith


  1. Another Baptism....Yay!!! Jordan is doing so well. It was neat to read what Elder Bronson said about Jordan. I'll have to get Jason to translate that last paragraph for me....hee hee!

  2. Wow, so many good things going on in that area, I'm sure it will be hard to leave when transfers come, but wherever he goes I'm sure good things will follow him.