"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm definitely a white dude here!

The day after all the ash/sand fell from the sky, we bought a shovel and we went around with that and a broom contacting and helping people out. The weather has been really crazy. We even had a hail storm! It really is the last days. It’s crazy. It’s still raining a lot, but the days that aren’t raining, it’s really hot. It’s kind of like Utah weather, very bi polar. Not too much destruction happened in my area, only a few really small landslides. That’s about it.

That’s good to hear about Allison getting better. Ha you old folks. That’s crazy that no kids were home besides you 2 all week. Has that happened...ever?

Where is Elder Michael Smith from? Tell us about him?My comp is from Bountiful but he says he is from Texas cuz he was born there, and so he can kind of be different from all of us elders from Utah. My companion is so great by the way! I can't wait to change this area with him. Elder Winn said he told President about my rough start, so President gave me the best, hardest working, most obedient missionary in the mission I think. I'm so excited about him. His nickname is the Holy of Holies. Ha! He really is one of the best missionaries in the mission. I can't wait to work hard and baptize some folks! Anything else you want to know about him?

Have you gotten any of the packages I sent last month?Well I got those 1st 2 packages but I still haven’t gotten the ensign. It will come soon probably. Thank you so much!!

Do people guess that you are American or are you blending in with the locals? Tony would ask, “Are you a wettish yet?”
Ha! No, I’m definitely a white dude here. Maybe when I speak better Spanish people will think I’m ¨wettish¨ enough. Lol Oh Tony! Spanish is still hard. But its getting better I guess. So it’s ok. I will get it soon...hopefully. OH good luck on that talk on Father’s Day!!!

I loved how you said, “OH and we are eating food too. Ha it’s so great!” Are you learning to cook a few things on your own? Anything weird you’ve had to eat or drink lately? What are your favorites? Have you stopped losing weight?
Uh, we have cooked fajitas and pancakes and things like that. So nothing too gourmet but it's such an improvement from eating nothing. Lol! I’m not sure if I’ve stopped losing weight. I haven’t checked after that 10 pound loss I already told you about.

Do you know Elder Gage Williams or Elder Eric Hexem? I’m making all sorts of connections with missionary moms.
I don’t know either of them. If Elder Williams used to be in the office then I know of him and have talked to him before, but that’s about it. Ha sweet stuff mom. Lol you are nuts with that missionary mom thing. It’s kinda funny. Love you!

So nothing still with the Fam. Larrazabal family. We again have an appt. with them tomorrow. If they aren’t there again, we'll have to move on.

Jared came to church!!! He is making great progress. Slow but sure progress. It’s just different with each investigator. He is great.

Yefry isn’t going to be baptized until the 19th so his family can come. It’s still hard to get them to go to church though. So hopefully that improves.

Roberto Francisco and his family didn’t come to church on Sunday. So maybe in 2 Sundays...he works every other Sunday. But he loves the church and wants to follow it.

José and Heidy . . . Funny story about them. The problem had been that we couldn’t baptize them because Heidy isn’t divorced from her previous husband who she separated from 7 years ago. But then José got mad and moved out! For good. He moved back to Elder Winkel and Elder Bate´s area. And now that they are allowed to be baptized.....They are both going to be baptized on the 26th!!!! Whoopeee!!! Heidy is amazing and she came to church and everything. We are going to have FHE with her and her son with Fam. Cifuentes tonight at 6. Her son Daniel was baptized when he was 10 and only had a small desire to come back to church. We talked with him about everything and he got really excited to read the Book of Mormon. He is reading everyday and he had a dream where he had a missionary plaque on and a Book of Mormon in his hand. He wants to be a missionary!!!! Because when we talked to him we talked about missionary work too and showed him our plaques and put his last name, Velasquez, instead of ours. It’s so great to see him excited to go on a mission!!!! He is only 13 right now, but he is so great!

That’s about it for our investigators!!

This week was really hard at the beginning. We hardly had any lessons; no one would let us in. Then we started finding people. We were guided to find a few great families that we contacted in the street! And the best was yesterday. 2 of our appointments fell through, but our backup plans were to teach inactives. But there were non members with them! If those first planned appointments didn’t fall we wouldn’t have found 2 new investigators to teach! I’m so grateful for the Lord’s guidance in our lives. It has been really amazing!
I love you guys!!!!
Keep the Faith
Stay Strong
Elder Jordan Smith

PS I couldn’t send letters this week. We had zone conference yesterday, and P day today, so I couldn’t write letters. Next week I will send them though.

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  1. Awesome update.
    I'm so glad he has a great companion that works hard.