"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 93

Hey Hey!

Yeah, it does kind of stink that I wasn't able to see David be baptized, but he did get baptized and received the Priesthood too! So that is SUPER COOL!! But all was in the hands of the Lord.

My new area.....honestly, I don't really like it too much yet. And I don't really know any of the members yet either. Most of them went to the Temple Open House over in Quetzaltenango. So they haven't been home this last week. Living conditions....I live in tiny cuartito....I don't mean to be so bitter, but I don't want to lie and say that it is all great and dandy. Let's just say that this is going to be a long change. I hope I can come to understand why the Lord needs me here.....I miss speaking Q'eqchi' already....ok enough complaining.... (Note from Mom: Hmmm....I sure wish he would have remembered to mention the name of his new area and who his companion is!)

The packages should get here in a couple weeks. It just depends on when we have Christmas Conference up here in the zone. Until then will I receive them...Was grandma able to get the stuff that I sent down to the office yet?

We do have someone that is a possibilty in the area though. He has read the Book of Mormon twice already and he wants to keep learning more and more. Which is kind of a problem because the things he doesn't know makes a little stumbling block for him. However, he is praying and he came to church on Sunday! So we shall see how it goes for him.

Well that is about all for this week. Hopefully all improves and that I know why I am supposed to be here. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Stay Strong
Keep the Faith
Elder Jordan Smith

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