"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Monday, April 26, 2010

It’s tough out here, but its all good

Hey All!
So first off I forgot to bring my camera adapter deal. So I will send pictures next week on here. I need more cds if I am going to be doing that more though. I ran out in the CCM.

Well the only letter I got on Wednesday was dated April 1st. haha. So I really haven’t heard too much updated stuff in letters.

Sindi, yes that’s how she spells it, had missionaries before us, but she didn’t have a progress record, so we taught her the lessons again and the baptism went great. I was kinda sad cuz no one really came, but its ok! I was a witness for it. Oh, and yes I remembered to give her a ctr ring. I will send you a picture from the baptism next week, as well as the letters I wrote last week. I forgot to send them haha. So don’t be expecting letters this week.

So this week we bible bashed with a pastor. Ha that was fun. I didn’t really know what was going on though so my comp was just trying to teach him. It was frustrating though because he wouldn’t even listen to my testimony telling me it was a lie. That’s kinda how it’s been going here. Not too many people are accepting of the gospel. I wish they knew how important our message is. We did find one this week though, I hope it goes well. Her name is Flori and she is a Jehovah Witness (testigo). We expected some trouble at first, but then we started teaching about families and the plan of salvation. She started crying. From what I understood her husband has recently passed away. I’m so grateful for the spirit because without it I know that there is no way we could have been able to know what to teach her, and be able to keep teaching her. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday, so I hope it goes well.

But that is really all the success we have had this week. Lots of our appointments fell through so we end up going to less active Member’s houses and teach them about the importance of church and the sacrament. However, none of those came this week to church either. I hope and pray that people will be more accepting to our message soon.

But ya I don’t eat dinner or breakfast really because we never go shopping....I can’t really communicate to my comp that I need food either. He speaks only Spanish, so we will see what happens. I am not really getting good enough nutrition to have energy or to have the strength in my knee that I need so I hope this improves soon too. It’s tough out here, but its all good for now.

I have been using the prewrap but I can only wear it for a few hours because it rubs the back of my knee all raw and stuff. Anyways...ha so I have so many flea and mosquito bites! I find about 6 new ones every morning. I am using my flea proof stuff haha but it’s not really working. I am getting used to the itchiness though so it’s not too bad at all. That is just how it is here I guess. Be grateful for your beds without fleas haha!

So how is all of your reading going....(I can’t do question marks) I am in Mark in the Bible and I am in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. I am reading both in English. Then afterwards, I will start reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Hopefully it will help me with the language, cuz it’s not really coming at all. Someday I will get it.

I don’t really know about anything about calling for mothers day and I can’t really ask my comp about it cuz I don’t know how to haha. But I will figure it out and let you know hopefully. We shall see, but I can’t wait to hear all your voices again.
All is well here.
I love you all.
Keep the faith
Elder Smith

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  1. His letter made me cry. It reminded me of the earlier days for Jack. He always told me that everything was good but I could read between the lines sometimes and I know how hard the first few months are out in the field. Jack's first area had so much walking and no real public transportation. Growing up he always had problems with his feet. As a young child he would come into my room crying about his feet and I would rub them. The muscles would be so hard and in knots I knew he was in pain. The doctor would tell me that they were growing pains but I knew better. As he got older they only got worse and there were nights I would hear the water in the tub running because that would help ease the pain. One of the first few weeks out in Peten he told me to pray for his feet because they were hurting. I thought, "oh no! How can he get through this without me and not a bath or warm water in sight." I prayed and asked everyone I knew to pray for Jacks feet. It worked and he has not complained since that letter. I can tell that Jordan is trying his hardest to make through all these tough adjustments. I know with such a great attitude that the Lord is going to bless him sooo much.
    The emails get easier to read, I promise. And pretty soon you can't even read anything between the lines. They talk about how they don't know how they will leave Guatemala. I am amping up my prayers for his knee and the language to click with him. I am also on the food thing. ;) Lots of love being sent your way.