"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We taught the former VP of Guatemala

Answers to Questions first:
Did you get the package I sent on March 5th? For sending packages,put a few pass along cards with Christ on it or something like that. It is less likely to be thieved. (Hmmm...not really the answer I was looking for, but ok.)

Grandma's cousin would like to meet with you maybe on Easter. Is that possible to get permission or meet her on the temple grounds? I’m not sure if that meeting can happen mom. Maybe out in the field but not here. It is stricter here than Provo and everything is so disorganized. I never really know what is going to happen until the day of or day before.

How do you like the food? The food is alright. Not quite like Grandma's. And I am getting sick of warm juice and black beans for breakfast. But other than that it is pretty good! for my stories of this week.

On Saturday we went contacting in the real world, with real people. We went to a store about a block away, so we just walked there. Elder Winkel was still my comp so we were worried about our Spanish. So when we got there we were kind of just looking around and hoping that we would be able to speak to people correctly. Then one of our teachers who was with us, Hno. Samayoa, told us to contact a certain man....This man happened to be the former vice-president of Guatemala!! We were so nervous but decided to contact him anyways. Our first real contact here, ever! We approached him and thanked him for the service he gave to Guat. and starting telling him about us in really bad Spanish. I was so worried. When we started trying to tell the story of when Christ came here to the America’s he said, I speak English by the way!!! We were so relieved. We then explained all that and he was super interested. His words, "I was unaware of the happening"....he was excited to learn more about Christ and also his ancestors. He was a practicing catholic and almost turned us away until I pulled out my Book of Mormon. I gave it to him and asked him to read 3rd Ne. 11. I was so happy that he accepted it and he even asked for a number he could call if he had questions. Because we can't really have the address of a former VP of a Then on Sunday we fasted for him...breakfast was cereal, and lunch was hamburgers. Haven’t had good American food in forever. Yet I know that he will be blessed for our sacrifice.

Then on Monday and Tuesday we went out contacting again with native companions. We rode on buses to the central park of Guatemala. I think that is what it’s called. Anyway...the buses are crazy there. We are all jam packed and I swear the driver barely knows how to drive. The buses are practically a roller coaster ride and people are jumping on and off at the so called stops. It is nuts. I will have a monster grip when I get back from holding on to the rails so hard. I stood up the whole time. It takes about a half hour to get there from the CCM.

The first day was really hard. I didn’t understand hardly anything and my comp taught like 35 min lessons to the contacts so we only got 2 contacts. So that was kind of disappointing.

Let me tell you some funny stories that were experienced. Elder Lusty, a north american, was teaching a man, when another man woke up next to them and took all the pamphlets that elder Lusty had. Then the man they were teaching pulled out a knife on the man who stole the pamphlets!! He said, RESPECTO LOS ELDERES!!! It was crazy. But that situation got calmed down. Next Elder McPhee was walking and a man came up to him, felt his pockets, took out his wallet, and took the 10 quetzales that were in it, gave back the wallet and walked away! Nuts huh!

Then we see guards every where, about our age with huge machine guns and shotguns ready to shoot at any second. I even saw one in the back of a truck guarding the transportation of some coca cola!!

Then there are 14 year olds that guide goats every where with whips that make the sound of gunshots. It smelled horrible too. There was pee everywhere. I don’t know if it was from the goats, or from all the homeless and drunk people that were in the park.

The second day was better...same smells, same sights, but I understood more and I even taught a little bit. It was great!! And we got 6 contacts with 5 copies of the Book of Mormon placed. I loved it. I was so so tired though! Hopefully I will last out in the field doing the same things. However, we got approached by a legit crazy guy and he wanted us to sing in English to him and he kept pulling out random scriptures in the bible that made no sense for what he was saying....

Guatemala is definitely a different place then the U.S. It is great here though. I just can’t wait for the day that I can speak Spanish so I can share my feelings about the gospel in such a way that the people will understand what I say.

Today was a good week.
I love you guys and I can’t wait till next week when I talk to you again.

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