"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Field Trip

First of all....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Missed it by one day..but I do what I can I guess. I love you!! Thanks for everything you have done for me. You're the best Mom a son can have.

HEY! We get to email today...probably not tomorrow....there are no latino elderes here today. They all left this morning to their missions. Guess what that means....FIELD TRIP!!

Nothing too much really happened this whole week. It was just regular study times and what not. We are being able to teach in Spanish a lot better. The understanding part is still really hard, but it will come. I sure hope I get your package tomorrow and that it didn´t get sent back or stolen. I will write some more letters for you all. I am going to send some pictures home as well. Over 300!!

The one eventful thing this week is that Elder Winkel was running on top of this house for cleaning/service that belongs to the CCM called Casa de CRE. So he was running and didn´t see the wires that were about neck level for clothing or something. Anyways, he was almost at full speed and he slammed right into one!!! There is a small cut on his neck from it. It is crazy! I didn´t actually witness it so I can´t write too much more about it, but it was a funny experience.

This last week I started reading Jesus the Christ and the Doctrine & Covenants. It is so great. I have learned so much about church history and have found many scriptures to help me understand things about being here, and other deep doctrines. Its way sweet. Tell Grandma Angie thanks for telling me about D&C 31...I think it was 31...anyways, it has really helped me a lot. If any of you ever have any advice for me with scriptures please send them my way. I love it!!

Anyways I will tell you what we did today...
We got on a charter bus and went out to a big relief map of Guatemala/Belize. It was pretty sweet! I dont really know how to explain it, but i am sending pictures from it.

Then we went to the Mercado Central and on the way there I saw Grandma's cousin Edwin. I'm pretty sure he's going to call grandma about it. (Except that grandma is on a mission in Chile and doesn't have a phone....can't wait to hear the details about it from them) Anyways....we went there and just shopped around, talking to people for a few hours, it was so great. I bought some cool things. I am not gonna tell what they are will be a surprise when you get the pictures, but it does include a machete heehee. Then we ate at WENDY`s!! It was so nice to have some american food. The food here is good and all, but nacho´s and/or black beans for breakfast is getting old. Everything was pretty much the same, only like a dollar cheaper, except the Sprite tasting funny....we aren´t allowed to order coke...I dont know why, but I was told not too. It is sort of a higher standard type thing for missionaries I think.

After we got done there we went to a modern art museum and then to an archeological museum about Guat. That place was amazing!! There were so many carvings from temples there and also some cool little miniatures of Tikal and other big cities. I took lots of pictures of those.

After all that great fun we came back home and played soccer....YES I PLAYED SOCCER! (Jordan plays football. In high school, soccer was almost a swear word for him.) We had all bought jersey´s from the Mercado Central and we happened to have an even number of white jersey`s and blue jersey`s. You will see in the pictures. For a break the President´s wife, Sister Steimle, made us smoothies...They were so good. I can´t really remember what the fruit is called. But cashew nuts grow on trees that are attached to the tops of these fruits, it is very weird. I don`t have any pictures of that fruit, but they are quite interesting. They tasted great.

For dinner this caterer made us this delicious cordon bleu thing, the best meal thus far since I have been out here.

Mom, way to bear your testimony ;)! I bore mine too, partly in Spanish. Then I told the story of how grandma came to the gospel and to the U.S., but that was in English and the Branch President translated it all to Spanish.

I wish so bad that I could just speak Spanish already. It will come I guess. It is getting a little easier though which is nice. Elder McPhee is with Elder Morrow in a different district. Elder Morrow is the best Spanish speaker by far. He is amazing! English missionaries have it easy. jk!

Have you heard anything from Jordan Dew? I want to know how he is doing.

I still haven't seen rain yet....Upsetting.

Dad, thanks for the scripture. I am always looking for those throughout the week so thank you! I love you Dad, thanks for everything! That's way sweet about Lehi basketball. They better take State!

The more and more I am here, the more and more I love this place and the people. AHH I just wish I was fluent in Spanish so that I could just go out in the field. I cant wait!
Well that is really all for now. The letters I might get from you all tomorrow I will write back about.

"Le gustaria leer el Libro de Mormon? Yo se que a traves de oracion sabra que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero."

I love you all.
Keep the Faith
Elder Smith

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