"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am Polochic baggy right now

Our family letter to Elder Smith this week was entitled “Que Pasa?” – What’s happening? So to that he replied:
You gotta say.... “Que pasa calabaza?”
and the answer is .....“Nada nada limonada.”
Great joke huh? Ha ha ha!!
That is super sweet that you guys got to meet Elder Davis....Matt Davis. He is the man!! I can’t wait to be able to hang with him when I get home. We might room together in the Fall, once I get going back into real school at BYU, besides just the summer semester.

Our new companionship is working really well together, even though we are in a trio. I’m back with my old comp from Tucurú, Elder Olson. We’re also with Elder Ware (Tanner Skousen’s MTC comp from Spanish Fork). He is a lot of fun!! We are working hard and having success so far! So it’s all good!

(photo of Concepcion and her family after her baptism last week)
We have some sweeet new investigators too!!! One is Selvin and his wife. He is soo ready to be baptized, just golden. She is a little harder because her family is really Catholic. She said that she knows that the church is true, but it is going to be hard for her to make the decision. Selvin asked us if he could still be baptized even if his wife isn't ready yet. I think we are going to baptize him and try and get him the Priesthood as fast as possible so that his wife can see the difference it makes in the home setting and she will have a greater desire to be baptized. We put fechas with them this last week though for the 19 of November! He might get baptized before. He came to church for the 2nd time today, the 1st one was General Conference!!! So sweet. I have never had an investigator go to General Conference!

We also have David. He is awesome and has been coming to church for a long time now, we were just never really able to teach him. But we finally did and he is really pilas and has a desire to know more, and be baptized too! We should have at least 2 baptisms this change! I can’t wait!!!

It’s actually kind of sweet that one of the areas here got closed. It is soo much better, we have more to work with and there is now a lot more of our area that speaks Q'eqchi'. So since Olson and I know Q'eqchi', we are teaching it to Elder Ware, who is just The Man by the way!! He is learning super fast! It took me a good change or a little more to get my testimony and my prayer down in that language. He almost has his prayer down already and it’s only been a week! He's a future Chiker (Polochic missionary) for sure.

Well Zone Conference is tomorrow. The new Area Seventy will be there so it will be good to meet him. AND I will be able to see Pres. and Hna. Watts again!! AND I will also be able to talk to Elder Williams again!! AND I got to see all of my Chik (Polochic) bros again today for Pday!!! It was sooo sweet to see them all and talk and what not. The “Chiker Curse/Blessing'' still stands too. The last 3 elders there that had girlfriends waiting for them at home just got written off. No Chiker in the mission right now has a girl waiting for them. Ha I don’t know why I am telling you all this, but it is just good to see those guys again after soo long! If I don’t stay in Carchá to finish out my mission, I could definitely train a newbie out in Q'eqchi'-landia. We shall see what happens. I am Polochik baggy right now seeing all those guys. It’s great. They smell different too. When I was with them, I smelt the same so I didn’t notice it, but the Polochik missionaries definitely smell different. So, I am sorry if I smell bad for the first little while once I am home. Ha ha!!

Photo of the "Turkey Experience" from last week.

I would just like to finish with my testimony in Q'eqchi' with some new stuff that I learned this past it goes....
(A BIG thank you to Elder Tayler Larsen, yes the same one who was in the news on the Guatemala story the other day, for translating this for us. He said, “That's the best I could do. It may not make perfect sense but I tried to capture what he is really communicating and still have it make sense.”
Nannaw naq Lix Paab'al Li Jesukristo Reheb' Laj Tiikilal Sa' Roso'jikeb' Li Kutan a'an li junaj chi tz'aqal Paab'al ut maajun chik natawman sa' xb'een li ruuchich'och'.
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only perfect faith and there is not one other found on the earth.

Nannaw naq laj Jose Smith oril li ruuch li Ajaw, ut jo'kan ajwi' li Ralal li Jesukristo sa' k'iche'. Ohwan choq' xpropeet li Yos chi ak'il, re naq ohru chixk'ojob'ankil wi'chik lix Chaab'il Esilal li Kriist.
I know that Joseph Smith saw the face of the God, and His son Jesus Christ in the forest. He was God's prophet anew so that he could restore the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nannaw naq laj Tomas S. Monson a'an li yo'yookil xpropeet li Ajaw anajwan. Nannaw naq a'an naqaatina jo' lix yaab xkux li Qaawa'.
I know that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of God today. I know that he speaks to us as the voice of the Lord.

Nannaq naq li Kriist a'an li aj Tojol qix li qamaak ut li aj Kolol qech sa' xk'ab'a' chixjunil lix k'anjeleb' ohlajxb'aanu qeech ut li mayej re lix junxaqalil ohk'e qeech chaq.
I know that Christ is the Payer of our sins and our Savior in the name of all the work He did for us and the sacrifice of His being that He gave to us.

Nannaw naq wi junelik taqapaab'eb' lix taqlahom li Nimajwal Ajaw, tookole'q.
I know that if we always follow the commandments of God, we will be saved.

Nannaw ajwi' naq Lix Hu Laj Mormon a'an li raatin li Yos chi tz'aqal.
I know also that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God (perfectly.

Ontaw lix nawom inch'ool a'in xmaak naq ontijok chirix, ut li Ajaw ohye wech naq yaal rik'in lix Musiq'.
I found this knowledge of my heart because I prayed about it, and the Lord told me it was true with His Spirit.

B'antioxinb'ilaqin chi junelik chiruuch li Qaawa' xmaak naq ohk'e wech lin hoonal chi k'anjelak arin Watemaal ut sa' xyaanqeb' aj ralch'och' malaj aj Q'eqchi' nayehman reheb'.
I will always be grateful to the Lord because He gave me this time to work here in Guatemala and with the natives or Qeqchis as they are called.

Nannaw chixjunil a'in chi anchal inch'ool. A'an a'in lix nawom inch'ool chi tz'aqal.
I know all of this with all of my heart. This is truthfully the knowledge of my heart.

Nanye eerech li waatin a'in sa' xk'ab'a' li Kriist. Amen. Jo'kan taxaq.
I say this, my word, to you in the name of Christ. Amen. Let it be.
Keep the Faith.
Stay Strong.
Love Elder Jordan Smith

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