"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Monday, July 19, 2010

You really can’t tell someone what its like to live here in Guat. You really kind of have to experience it!


You’ll have to take photos of your beloved dogs down there sometime soon, ha ha!!
Well, I can’t take pictures of the dogs. There is no time and then I will have no hands to fend them off with my sword (umbrella) Haha!!

Lauren and Brian had their baby yesterday. Charlie Christopher Howard!
Charlie, Jack, and Kate! LOST Family! Ha that’s so awesome. Can’t wait to mess around with that kid in his terrible 2´s when I get back home.

How is your flea situation? Did anything I wrote you about work? Do you want me to send you a mosquito net?
A mosquito net might be nice. Grandma gave me these scentsy things that are made by Raid for mosquitoes so it’s really ok for now... and I really don’t have a flea problem anymore...probably the bananas we eat like you told us to and I wear dark clothes to bed. So it’s all good.

Oh for my birthday...
The pictures....have them be like small ones that you have printed off and can laminate so I can fit them in my Book of Mormon or bible or my little hymn book that I carry around. Then the CD´s of John Schmidt that you already know. Then I also want my black shoes that I left home. You know those small ones that I wore for doing ninja activities and stuff, the van type shoes. And then I want Perfect Pushups. Just look it up online if you don’t know what that is. But it would really help with working out and stuff. Cuz it gets really boring without something ya know?

Ok so we went to the Montenegro Family’s home yesterday. They aren’t willing to change religions. Satan works in mysterious ways. They have prayed numerous times and each time have felt the need to change to this great gospel. But they are just unwilling to change. Maybe sometime in the distant future. But we won’t be teaching them anymore...sad stuff.

Familia Molina is just super sick always (“sick” as in awesome, not ill). We started teaching their grandma too. She lives above them and works when we can visit the rest of the family, so we are visiting with her personally. But the first lesson we had with her she said that she has no doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet and even said that she would really like to get baptized!!! But she also said that it might take some time. Also I think she is a little afraid to go to church. But she is a really special lady who has been looking for the truth for a long time and has never joined another church. But that whole family is just amazing! And the two kids Carmen and Alejandro Javier are on track to get baptized on the 31st!! WHEEE!!! We have another appt. with them tonight.

We are still working hard with Jared, and José & Heidy. They are still really good progressing investigators.

We are also teaching this other José. He is kind of a weird guy, but really a good interested investigator. He even came to church this last Sunday! He date for baptism is on the 7th of August.

I really hope that all these wonderful people realize the importance of our message and see a need to resist all temptation to be able to complete with the great goals they have set to be baptized. Keep them in your prayers.

How do you feel being a seasoned missionary now? What is daily life like in Guatemala and how does it differ from home?
Well I’m not quite seasoned, I have really only been out for 5 months. I won’t be seasoned for at least 2 or 3 more months, but it’s nice. And I am learning a lot more Spanish. I can finally pick out the words I don’t understand and write them down so I can look them up later. So that is really good.

Well everything about life here is different, it’s all crazy and unorganized, I guess that’s the best way to describe it. It’s great though. You really can’t tell someone what its like to live here in Guat. You really kind of have to experience it....the fruit here really isn’t that fresh, cuz it’s been sitting out, rotting on the fruit stands all day. So we don’t really buy too much fruit. Just good ol bananas.

Everything is going really good down here. I love you all!!!
Keep the Faith
Stay Strong
Elder Jordan Smith

P.S. I’m sending some pictures from one of the crazy rainstorms this past week. It rained practically everyday! and then one of me, Winkel, and Bronson being awesome after playing capture the flag last week as a zone...

Ok, well,maybe just one of the rain storm cuz its taking way too long. But I love you guys!! Have fun back there at home! Till next week....

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