"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can’t wait to see them in white

Questions first as usual:
So how is Elder Barrios? You guys getting along and having fun and able to do lots of great things together?
He is really good. His first name is Juan and he has 9 months out here. I really like how he teaches, so I´m learning a lot. It’s a little tough because he doesn’t know any English whatsoever, but it’s still fun, and I am helping him learn English too. Spanish is getting a little easier, hopefully I will be able to understand more soon, cuz that is still my problem right now. But I´m getting it! Finally!! I also learned from the division I had with Elder Vargas that there is a difference between being an apostate missionary and having fun. I´m glad my companion understands that too. So it’s going really well.

Who are your new zone leaders?
Still Elder Winn and Elder Vasquez

Sounds like you all had fun going out there to Colorado. I will try to remember Elder Larsen’s name... But he might be there in the Chik for a while so we shall see. That’s what the missionaries call the Polochik area.

DEMI IS ENGAGED!!!??? “What THE”!?!? (said in ian´s little voice, haha). BUT WOW!!! Tell her congrats, but that is just crazy!!!!

Is there anything you would just LOVE to have for your birthday? Is there anything you need? Is there anything that would help you in your work with your investigators?
For my birthday, I want some John Schmidt CD´s, he is a pianist and is so amazing. And also, maybe....nothing else really, maybe just some really good pictures of key moments in church history that are fairly small so that I can use them in lessons, cuz sometimes we run out of pamphlets where the pictures are....just that!!! Thanks!

Ok. Well the Familia Montenegro´s fecha bautismo fell through. They haven’t come to church and we were only able to teach them once this week. But we will get them to church and we will baptize them. I just know it.

Familia Molina is just AMAZING!!!! HOLY COW!!!! They ask so many questions. I just love them! Their eagerness to learn more about the gospel is so great. We should be able to put a fecha with them soon. I can’t wait to see them in white. But of course they have to get married too. So if we can’t baptize all of them soon, we will baptize the kids that are 13 and 10. The kids came to church all by themselves cuz the parents were busy. The little 10 year old girl asked for my Book of Mormon that I was carrying so that she could read it on her own. SO AWESOME!!! Their family is just the best. They love reading the Book of Mormon. They have questions prepared for us, every time we visit, just the golden investigators. I knew we could find someone like them. AH they give me so much happiness! Especially the other day... All of our appointments fell through and no one would let us in their house either. But we had Familia Molina at 7 that night. We were there for nearly 2 hours. It was fantastic! They made the day be perfect. It’s just so great teaching them. We have another appointment tonight at 7 with them. Cant wait!

We are still working hard with Jared, José and Heidy, they are doing great.

Oh I have to tell you....Ok so we contacted this family awhile back right? Fam Hernandez Diaz. They live above the man’s father. He really doesn’t like us. It’s really hard to get past that obstacle to be able to teach the family above that is really eager to hear more. We have even used little kids to knock for us, but he still looks around to see if it’s us. Any suggestions on how to get past this guy?

Familia Pacheco moved away, so there went another great family, but we will find more. I just know it.

This first week of the change went by really fast and it was great. Hopefully we can continue to have the blessings of the Lord in our lives and be able to find more great new people!!! It’s really weird though because almost our whole zone changed! Good thing that me, Winkel, and Bronson are still together! Winkel is even senior comp!! We played capture the flag today as a zone and went to McDonalds, it was amazing!!!

I just got to the war chapters through my second time of the Book of Mormon out here. It’s just fantastic! For the moment, I don’t have any more stories. Just dogs and stuff that I REALLY don’t like.
Only seconds remaining...
Well i love you guys so much!!!! Have fun over there and.....
Keep the Faith
Stay Strong
-Elder Jordan Smith

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