"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Monday, May 31, 2010

It rained volcanic ash from the heavens!!

How are you all doing! Haha ya that volcano was crazy and it rained like all day on Saturday too! 2 pairs of shoes are soaking wet, and my scriptures still aren’t fully dry, but they aren’t too bad at all. My umbrella that you sent me with broke in the first rain storm so luckily I bought another one or I would have died. Ha but ya on Thursday, it rained sand!!!! It rained volcanic ash from the heavens!! I collected some for sure.

Then Saturday was the huge rainstorm. That night we were told that it was a hurricane and we needed to stay inside all day Sunday and not to leave for any reason!!! They cancelled church and everything. But it was all LIES, I tell you LIES!!! Ha ha!! It was clear all day, cloudy, but no rain, nada. So we got to leave the house at around 2 thank goodness. Oh and yes we did make an emergency kit that night. Ha don’t worry.

This week has been amazing!!! We have had more contacts this past week than in the entire last change!!! 203 contacts in one week!!!!! Whoo!!
Now for the investigators...

First about José and Heidy. They just moved in from Elder Winkel´s area. They are so fantastic. He has problems with addictions and things, but he is completely changing his life for this gospel. What’s even better is that he tells everyone about us and that this church is true and ahhh it’s amazing. He called us angels that helped him turn his life around. They are just so great, filled with inspired questions that we happily answer. I love it.

Next is Roberto Fransisco, his wife, 2 daughters that are under 6, and his cousin Mateo. We found him contacting and taught him lesson 1 (the restoration). We asked him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. We came back yesterday and he said he prayed!!! YAY!! That’s not it though. He said he felt so much peace and tranquility in his heart that he knew that Joseph Smith was a true prophet!!! What’s even better is that he had a dream right after that prayer while sleeping. He was on a mountain side walking along a path and there were many paths. He found one and starting chopping down wood slowly moving forward. Then a man came by and told him to keep moving forward along that path he had chosen and to never turn back. He prayed about that too. And told us that he knows it meant to continue forward in the gospel that we brought to him and never look back at his old life because it has now changed. AMAZING RIGHT!?!?!?! AH I couldn’t believe it!! We are giving him a date to be baptized next visit. So sweet! The Lord has blessed us so so so much!!! It’s unbelievable.

For Yefry, we didn’t baptize him this week cuz he just isn’t ready yet, so we are continually preparing him to be baptized. We put another date for this weekend. I hope our current investigators could attend it. That would be just wonderful.

Familia Larrazabal has been ¨busy¨ this whole week. We have an appointment with them tomorrow. But if they don’t show again we might not be able to go back and teach them. Hopefully they will be there. If not pray that they will be able to accept this gospel into their lives at a later point in time.

Then Jared is an investigator too. He is the ¨husband¨ of a member so we have been teaching him. He still hasn’t prayed and it’s been really hard to help him change and to get him to pray. His dad is a pastor and he is really close to his family so it might be really hard for him to make the choice to follow the one and only true church. So pray for him please?

Then while we were walking between appointments, these 3 catholic girls doing their homework came up to us with religion questions. It was so great. They asked us when our church was formed and by whom. We said before the creation of the world and Christ established it. They asked how many churches Christ established on the earth, we said 1. And they asked which church Christ is guiding nowadays. We told them this one, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was good because those are the questions we ask and what we talk about! Ha so we gave them a restoration pamphlet and went on our way. It was great.

OH MY GOSH!! I am so happy to hear about Jordan Dew. Tell him I love him and I am very proud of him for making the best decision in his life. Tell him to keep it up and never be discouraged.

Good job on the end of the school year guys.

SHOOT, I hope Allison gets better soon. I will pray for her for sure.

That’s cool to hear about Jai. I didn’t know he was that strong in the church so tell him I am so happy for him and excited to hear where he is going on his mission.

SO sweet to hear about Catalina’s dad getting baptized. That is so so amazing!! I am so happy for them WHOOO! Can this week get any better!

OH and we are eating food too. Ha it’s so great!

Well I love you all so much!!!!!!
Keep the Faith.
Stay Strong.
Elder Jordan Smith

Check out this amazing photo of a sinkhole that happened in Guatemala City. It swallowed up a whole house and happened right down the street from one of the mission office elders, Elder Mays. It looks like it goes all the way down to the center of the earth! How much dirt is that going to take to fill and repair?!


  1. WOW, they are really getting hit hard there...that sinkhole is just crazy, and to have a volcano and storm all at once like that? Sheesh! So glad Jordan is OK, and things are going so well. That was awesome to read about that guys dream, Heavenly Father really works wonders of all sorts!

  2. Great news after such scary natural disasters! The Lord softens hearts in many ways.