"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." D&C 121:7-8

Monday, September 27, 2010

Isn’t it cool how the Spirit works?

This is the little animal that we fed cookies to when we went to Tikal

This change was super fast!! I still can't really comprehend that it’s over really! Pretty crazy stuff. I'm not sure what I’m really hoping for....but me and Toolson will probably be here for one more change together. Unless he gets a change and I move up to senior companion, but I don’t think that will go down quite yet. So we will find out later tonight.

Yeah we head over to San Benito, the Zone Leader’s area for General Conference. Elder Winn said today that he is going to conference up here with his parents, so I will meet them for sure. That sounds pretty fun that you guys are going to the cabin to watch conference with everyone. Too bad Nicole can’t come. But when I get back we should do that for sure, then Nicole will be there too!

I got the letter and bracelet that Noah (Jordan’s 10 year old cousin) made and sent me. I was planning to write Noah a little note today to thank him. I put his bracelet in my study journal because we aren’t allowed to wear bracelets but I see it everyday. Oh and I got the turquoise package today too! Nice ugly tie!! I said sweet ties by the way, not ugly. But I did need an ugly tie, because we have ugly tie days and stuff like that so thanks!!! That’s all I really saw, I haven’t had a chance to look at the rest of it.

We didn’t have church yesterday afterall! You probably know about the hurricane that almost hit us. It rained from 3 am Saturday until 9 pm Saturday night! So our district (stake, but with branches and not wards) cancelled it. And of course it was sunny on Sunday. But what can you do...its Guat. So we will officially start teaching Primary the week after conference I guess. Yeah, everything is good despite the storm. The Juarez’s place is still standing, thank goodness! The river rose probably a good 7 feet or so. Good thing it went down 5 feet right before the storm or the highway would probably have been all flooded.

I tried recording us sing, but it sounds really really horrible when it’s recorded on that little voice recorder. I don’t know why, but the tapes don’t really enjoy singing too much I guess. just doesn’t work, maybe we’ll try one more time.

Now on to our investigators. . . Familia Caac. They moved into our area from Elder McPhee's area. They don’t speak a lick of Spanish, only kekchi. But we teach them anyways. It was really cool, it seemed that they understood every word we were saying to them. They can’t ask us any questions but they seemed to respond well to our message. Isn’t it cool how the Spirit works like that?

We found some pretty cool new people this week too. Vilma and Wendy. Vilma is the mom and Wendy the daughter. The mom was kind of in and out when we taught about the restoration but Wendy asked the most perfect amazing questions that allowed us to teach with super effectiveness and she also understands so much of what we are teaching. So that was really cool to teach them. Hopefully they end up awesome because they don’t go to any church, nor really want to, and they don’t really read the Bible that much either. So hopefully we can get them to church and they can end up Pilas (Guat word for awesome, kinda ha-ha).

Julián hasn’t really progressed, but went a little backward this last time we taught him because he is a 7th day Adventist. They believe that the Sabbath day is on Saturday and he is pretty much unwilling to change that belief even though he knows the Book of Mormon is true. So we will see what happens with him. Hopefully he will leave some pride behind and receive a stronger testimony that will help him have the faith to do something about it. We’ll see...

That’s it for investigators. And really the adventures over here as well because we haven’t had rats lately. Which is good, but it makes life a little less exciting. Ha! No more adrenaline rush from killing rats with baseball bats!

This is a one of the many evil and possessed dogs in Guat that are out for my life!

Well I love you all so much!!!!
Stay Strong
Keep the Faith
Elder Jordan Smith

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